Close protection

Close protection

We’re an international protection agency

Through referrals and word-of-mouth, we’ve the grown into a highly regarded, trustworthy and effective International protection agency. Our global clients include individuals and groups in the corporate, entertainment and private sector. Including wealthy individuals and their families.

Due to the serious nature of possible threats—for example, intrusion, intimidation, extortion or abduction—our national and international close protection specialists predominantly come from a police force and/or special forces background. Any activity undertaken is always preceded by going through every conceivable scenario to prepare and educate our clients.

Every client’s world is unique, so our service is expertly tailored to suit your needs. From a discrete shadow to a very visible close protection detail. Sometimes the trappings of success bring with them a darker side, leaving some at times to feel less than secure in their surroundings. Night & Day Security have the experience to inspire absolute confidence and trust in those uncertain moments. Our secure, calm presence guarantees to keep you safe from harm. The working methods we use are highly disciplined, developed through insight, and perfectly executed.

Let our discrete close protection service safeguard you, and be your eyes and ears wherever and whenever we’re needed.

With our 360 degree protection,
criminals think twice
before they act.