Horeca security

Horeca security

Stylish, customer-friendly security for hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs

Are you looking for professional, high-quality protection for your hotel, restaurant, bar or club? We truly understand the concept of first impressions, and the need to make guests and customers feel welcome. We are often the first people that the customer comes into contact with. For that reason, guests often see us initially as the host. That’s why always act like we are an extension of your product.

When it comes to security, our discreet security staff act as a stylish and gentlemanly presence that allows your guests and your staff to enjoy a safe and enjoyable evening. Unfortunately, nightlife can bring unpleasant incidents. That’s why we only use certified, carefully selected hospitality security personal. With years of experience, they’re highly trained to de-escalate harassment, vandalism, intimidation, (senseless) violence and so on. Contact us below to create a security plan tailored to your own personal needs.

Our friendly door policy allows your guests to enjoy a safe and enjoyable evening