Retail security

Retail security

Fashionable, friendly, focused extension of your brand store experience

We offer retail security for high-end, well-known fashion brands. These stores are a magnet for people who want to steal their products. For retailers, loss prevention is a top priority. Every theft eats away at their bottom line. Knowing how thieves operate is half the battle in preventing this type of retail crime. The main security threat includes direct theft from random shoplifters, theft through organised retail crime, and dishonest clerks.

We are usually the first person a customer sees, so our retail security staff are always friendly and helpful. Highly disciplined, stylish, and focussed, they have a keen eye for detail, are experts at answering questions about the brand, and can always direct customers to products on display. Because of this extra service, they truly are seen as extensions of your chic unique and exclusive brand store experience.

For retailers,
loss prevention is
a top priority